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What is nail fungus?
Onychomycosis, or fungal infection of nails, most often on the toes,
affects about 12% of Americans, according to the American Academy
of Dermatology.  Nail fungus infection is a condition which can be
embarrassing and often, even painful. Fungal infected toenails are one
of the leading reasons people visit podiatrists and dermatologists.
Toenail fungus (Onychomycosis) grows beneath the toenail, causing the nail to thicken and
discolor. As the infection progresses, the nail may become brittle and break or pull away
from the toe. It is generally not painful, although if the fungus is left untreated, the skin
beneath or around the affected nail could become inflamed or infected. If that occurs,
walking or even wearing shoes could become difficult.
How did I get a nail fungus?
Some people are genetically prone to nail fungus. Others,
including swimmers and other athletes, may be more likely
to get it because they go barefoot in public areas or because
their feet are often damp.  Other common ways and places
to contact nail fungus are:

- Public and Community Pool Areas
- Gyms and Locker Rooms
- Hotels and Pedicure Salons
- And by wearing damp infected socks and shoes or work
 boots for long hours.

Overall? Damp  un-sanitized conditions encourage fungus
growth.  You are not alone.
As you may know, the use of oral nail fungus medication available today for treatment of
fungus nails carries with it possible systemic involvement (commonly the liver and kidney).
aser toenail treatment does not.  Other treatments such as topical anti-fungal medicines
and creams have a very low effective rate and take a long time to have any reaction at all.
Laser nail treatment is fast, safe and effective.  In
addition, there is no pain or side effects and no
drugs or topical ointments are required.  The
focused, targeted laser light beam will have no
effect on healthy tissue, and will only target the
infected areas. A patient undergoing laser nail
treatment for fungus removal procedures should
experience no discomfort during or after the
treatment.  The laser nail treatment will not hinder
walking or any other activity.  In studies on a
variety of lasers there have been no adverse
reactions, injuries, disabilities or known side
effects from use of lasers to treat toenail fungus
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On average, any toenail will replace itself
every 6 to 9 months through natural growth.

Approximately 1 out of every 8 people have
nail fungus to some extent.
Floridians Love Their Flip Flops!!!
The flip-flop became popular in American
culture in the 1950s. However, its origin dates
back thousands of years before its emergence
in Western culture. Archaeologists have found
artifacts of these sandals or artwork depicting
them in sites from Africa to Asia.
American troops stationed in Japan
during World War II took kori, the
contemporary Japanese sandal, home
as souvenirs. The trend continued in the
1950s when troops stationed in Korea
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The introduction of these Asian
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inspired American footwear
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